Comprehensive set of learning, parental monitoring and school management solution for everybody.
For Learners/Students
Make learning fun and engaging with gamified content that facilitates better knowledge retention.
For Schools
Manage all elements of school administration from Admission, to Finance, to Staff and everything in between.
For Teachers
Find illustrative teacher resources designed to better engage and keep your students’ attention.
For Parents
Set learning goals and track progress with relevant reporting to identify academic strengths and weaknesses.

Set learning goals for your children and track progress with actionable insight designed to achieve success.
Learning & School Management Systems Integrated. integrates School Management System and Learning Management Solution to provide a comprehensive feature-rich tool that closes learning gaps and improves overall school administration.
Student Management
Staff Management
Community Engagement
User roles & permissions
Access to students information
Effective Parent-Teacher Communication. enables parents to maintain a real-time daily/weekly communication with the teachers on the conducts and academic progress of their child, which helps them to play a more active part in the child's education.
Receive notification & alerts
Medication Logs
Personalized messages & information
Insight to child’s performance, behavior & activity
Daily communication between school & home
Nursery Primary Junior Secondary Senior Secondary
Slate Courses.
Interactive and Engaging video lessons, games, assignments, and worklists designed to make learning fun. Carefully curated learning content designed to complement student schoolwork, homeschooling, examination preparation, etc. from Early Years to Senior Secondary.
Short Engaging and Animated Videos that make it easier to keep learners’ attention and boost retention.
Practice Exercise/Worksheet that enables learners to work on and offline to track where you fall on the learning curve with remediation recommendations where necessary.
Curated Lessons that cover all subjects and grade level from Early Years to Senior Secondary
Boost your child's confidence and comprehension abilities.